Down Days

Sometimes life seems like it isn’t worth living
And at that moment
All memories of joy and pleasure dissipate
But the hope of being with someone you love
Is all there is to hold on to
It’s just enough, on a bleak day
To let a glimmer of light through

It’s the down days that make me appreciative
Of the hope we have
The happiness we’ve shared
Those unforgettable moments
Where the world halted
And time ceased to exist
To allow our dreams to be real

But then the world begins to spin again
And the down days come
Even though I know those days
Wouldn’t be down if you were beside me
But since you’re not, I just have to hold on
Hold on to the hope of being with the one I love.

The One True Path

 Yet another day passes by
But I am nowhere closer to my goals
For I am trapped in a delusional state
A self-induced trap
Promise after promise
Yet I always disappoint
I am holding myself captive
A prison within
I dig and dig
But the tunnels are winding
Making me out a fool
For I feel I have made it so far through this maze
The darkness begins to illuminate
Only to start a new
I deceive myself into thinking tomorrow will be the day
When I finally emerge from beneath
But tomorrow always has its own tomorrow
Daily the hope is renewed
But always accompanied by disgust and anguish
For I despise my inability to escape this maze
For I know deep within all it requires is a singular focus
But like a child I fawn over every glittering object along the way
So that I forget my path
And I walk and walk
Turn after turn
All the dis-tractors I choose
Path after path
But that one true path
The solution to this maze
Forever eludes me.

Maddening Descent

 Losing the will to go on
What emptiness inside
I see others basking in glee
But I can't figure out why
Am I so broken inside?
That I am either not able to see
What life truly has to offer
Or do I just inherently reject this offer
Life, this universal movie
I just never seem to get
Maybe I have the wrong ticket
Or is this just the preview
Completion is something I never feel
This hollowing, yearning for something more
I don't see the point in continuing
Yet tomorrow life courses through my veins
There is will and passion,
But only for a half day
The next is stoic
Is this not madness?
Vacillating between joy and despair
Uncertain of which memories are true
One instance filled with vibrantly dancing colours
The next a slab of dull stationary ones
Not sure if these dreams are worth attaining
For this emptiness consumes all
It is a deep insatiable feeling
One that never leaves
It only masks itself and gradually eats away
Eroding your mind and sanity.