The Boy Inside

The yearning to connect
All I ever wanted is
Acknowledgment and acceptance
I can barely contain it
These thoughts of mine
What you’ll find is
A scared boy inside
Afraid to step out into the world
His mind and experiences enslave him
Shackles him to one spot
A place deep inside
Where no one will see
Till one day, he turns a man
And breaks the chains
Freedom he sees
It is in his grasp
But yet he is never free
For the Shadow of the past
Blocks the light
So that he is forever
One step behind.

The One True Path

 Yet another day passes by
But I am nowhere closer to my goals
For I am trapped in a delusional state
A self-induced trap
Promise after promise
Yet I always disappoint
I am holding myself captive
A prison within
I dig and dig
But the tunnels are winding
Making me out a fool
For I feel I have made it so far through this maze
The darkness begins to illuminate
Only to start a new
I deceive myself into thinking tomorrow will be the day
When I finally emerge from beneath
But tomorrow always has its own tomorrow
Daily the hope is renewed
But always accompanied by disgust and anguish
For I despise my inability to escape this maze
For I know deep within all it requires is a singular focus
But like a child I fawn over every glittering object along the way
So that I forget my path
And I walk and walk
Turn after turn
All the dis-tractors I choose
Path after path
But that one true path
The solution to this maze
Forever eludes me.